Monthly NFT Rundown: November 2021

The Ups and Downs of NFTs 🔼 NFTs hit an all time high on Google search🔽 Daily sales volumes have been decreasing since September🔼 Massive uptick in daily unique buyers- surpassing 60k count A report by...

#WPU: Weekly Product Updates – 26 Nov 2021

Gm fam!  It’s been a week since we launched - thank you for the support so far. We’ve been listening closely to your feedback and are making improvements along the way.  Here’s some stuff we did...

The Edge Goes NFT – With Mintable!

NFTs live on The Edge!The Edge Singapore is the only weekly local newspaper that gives readers an in-depth and analytical coverage on business and investments within Singapore and across the region. To commemorate their...
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The Sandbox – the Metaverse Platform That’s Taking the NFT World By Storm

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook would rebrand to Meta, the world has turned its attention towards the metaverse. In particular, one metaverse platform has been gaining a lot of traction - The Sandbox. Launched...

NFT News Recap: October

Top Stories In October Ethereum Hits A New All-Time-High Following Altair Update On October 27, Ethereum rolled out their Altair update (EIP-2982), which will enable the upcoming merge of the proof-of-work chain and the Beacon Chain....