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Moon Strike: AAA Sci-Fi P2E Game with NFTs

Moon Strike NFT is a collection of 5,555 handmade and animated 3D characters with staking from a P2E game. The game is a AAA title being built in Unreal Engine by a highly experienced team with a track record of titles already published on Steam.

Moon Strike combines Web 3.0 ownership and economy with features from the most successful genres in gaming: PvP/PvE FPS, Crafting, Base Building, Common to Ultra Rare Resource Gathering, DLCs, Monthly Battle Passes and Limited Skins.

Moon Strike aims to combine the best performing aspects and free-to-play monetization mechanics of the games above to create a thriving and organic in-game player economy.

Moon Strike NFTs

Moon Strike is releasing 5,555 game character NFTs, manually built with unique 3D design and animation. They will include exclusive features like Monthly Battle Passes and Staking.

Planned release date: End of June 2022
Public Sale Price: Ξ0.2

Moon Stike NFTs will have at least 6 basic traits with room for a little extra. The design and traits include:

  1. Character
  2. Suit Color
  3. Helmet
  4. Animations
  5. Boots
  6. Hats
  7. And more…

About The Moon Strike Team

The Moon Strike Team has over 10+ years of video game design experience. Their game development collaborates with long-standing Game Design Studios and a hard-core team of graphic artists, game designers, and blockchain experts. Moon Strike is a game designed to be profitable and self-sustaining for the ground up, combined with offering players the opportunity to earn substantial rewards.

 Also, they already have a fully functional prequel live on Steam platform and Moon Strike just got listed there! 

Moon Strike NFT Presale

Want to get in early and get those NFTs at a discount? Join Moon Strike’s Discord or Telegram to join the whitelist!

Pre-sale date: 23 June 2022
Pre-sale price: Ξ0.15

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