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Mintable’s Picks of the Week

Hi there! Welcome to Mintable’s Picks of the Week, an article featuring all of the week’s best NFTs from the extended Mintable community, curated just for you.

Drop your comments below on what kind of NFTs you’d like to see next week – is it art, gaming, collectibles, or projects? Or link us your best NFTs from Mintable.app!

Featured profile of the week: meconnaissance

The artist meconnaissance describes the product of our reality as something we can imagine that claims the definition of life. Every scenery, memory, action, thought, decision builds a projection answering destination. Hence, they call their collection of 3D rendered art a SUB-SPECIE AETERNITATIS – available on Mintable now.

NFT Picks of the Week

Reach the sky

This is a painting created using wombo.art, an AI art generator that transforms a series of words into a beautiful work of art! Buy this generated work of art created by artist elianes. 

Artist: elianes

Sacred Geometry Abstract

Abstract Fractal Flame from the stankovic collection, made with Apophysis. 

Artist: stankovic

Punks LEGO #6380

The punks LEGO collection is derived from the narrative of Earth 286 as a multiverse, and an army of high-tech Cyborgs created a wormhole in the North Pole. Hifi-X. The best High-tech company, sends experimental AI Punk fighters to fight back – becoming punks LEGO.

Artist: punkslego


A limited-edition and exclusive collection of the BadKong. The concept represents the abstract form of the monkeys and modeling to 3D form and multicolors.

Artist: xbetoxic

Gold Minion – Core

SAND MINIONS NFTs are 1000 duplicates of 100 original rare new creations on MINTABLE. They are very classy, peculiar, millennium-X new fashion models, hard-not-to-love, and lovely little fellas that emerged from a lovely sand beach metaverse Island. This golden statue is part of the 17 golden rare collections of the “four armsLeader” of the SAND MINION NFTs.

Artist: sandminions

In other news…

Let’s help save the Pudgey Penguins Community!

Twitter Thread Exposes Pudgy Penguins Founders’ Attempted Project Sale

Mintable wants to work with the @Pudgy_Penguins community to #SaveThePenguins.

We’re committed to:

1. Using our resources to build this brand with transparency

2. Create an NFT-based DAO where all licensing revenues run through public wallets. #WAGMI.

Retweet Zach’s tweet with the hashtag #savethepenguins, tag @pudgy_penguins and we’ll airdrop an exclusive NFT you can add to your PP PFP!

We’ll reach out to those who retweeted and share the process to claim.

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