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From A – Zedge: How NFTs are Revolutionizing Content Creation Platforms

With NFTs on the rise to becoming one of the biggest contributors to the creator economy, Zedge announced on Dec 14, 2021, that they were making their foray into the world of NFTs – with their very own NFT marketplace.

  1. What is Zedge?
  2. What is Zedge doing to embrace NFTs?
  3. The future of Zedge with Mintable and Mintology
  4. What can we expect from Zedge?

What is Zedge?

Zedge is the #1 free personalization app made for customers who want to customize and design their mobile devices with beautiful wallpapers, ringtones, videos, and more. With up to 350 million app installs, Zedge is currently available for both android and iOs devices. Since launching a version for Apple iOs, they’ve seen 43 million active monthly users, making them a high revenue business with 80 – 100% revenue growth.

But the Zedge platform is not just a personalization app, Zedge consists of an entire ecosystem dedicated to content creation and distribution for creators, artists, and brands. It is a content hub made for personalization, social community making, and art sharing.

What is Zedge doing to embrace NFTs?

The Zedge premium marketplace allows for digital creators to design and distribute original content within the Zedge ecosystem of 43 million users. On top of wallpapers, music, widgets, the Zedge premium marketplace has tools in place to help artists and creators gain traction and track how well their content is doing. It is an easy-to-use self-serve platform with built-in operating systems where creators and artists can access and manage everything from analytics, financial reports, and dashboard tools to allow them to truly maximize the potential of their artworks. Amongst some of the known names already on the Zedge platform are rappers Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy.

Zedge has 2 main avenues for driving its continued growth in the market. One is their customer platform, which includes the Zedge wallpaper and ringtones app, and the other is their publishing platforms, which include the Zedge premium marketplace and most recently, the Zedge NFT marketplace.

With NFTs on the rise to becoming one of the biggest contributors to the creator economy, Zedge announced on Dec 14, 2021, that they were making their foray into the world of NFTs – with their very own NFT marketplace.

“We are empowering artists with the “NFTs Made Easy” utility, enabling them to compete without deep cryptocurrency experience. Instead, an artist only needs to upload their content as they normally would in the Zedge Premium Creator’s Portal, check the NFT option and Zedge handles the rest seamlessly, from minting to gas fees. Additionally, consumers can buy the NFTs by using Zedge tokens purchased in their local currency.”

– Jonathan Reich, CEO of Zedge

Zedge’s NFT future with Mintable and Mintology

The Zedge “NFTs Made Easy” utility is powered by one of the best tools out of the Mintable marketplace – our gasless minting API. It is a unique gasless minting solution designed to take the hassle out of the minting journey in large numbers without compromising on utility. With businesses and creators in mind, Mintable’s gasless minting API allows for quick and easy minting, allowing anyone to turn their beautiful creations into valuable NFTs with just a click of a button. 

For Zedge, this enables content creators to mint their NFT and publish it to the mintable marketplace with a few clicks of a button. On top of that, Mintable’s gasless minting API promises that every NFT minted by any creator in their ecosystem will not cause harm to the planet, and will be safe and secure on the popular and robust Ethereum Blockchain.

With the anticipated launch of Mintology, many other businesses like Zedge will be able to integrate NFTs seamlessly into their existing workflow and incorporate NFTs into their engagement plan, using gasless NFTs to bring value to their customers. To further increase value and revenue channels for creators, this will mean every NFT minted gaslessly will also be available for purchase on the Mintable marketplace as well.

Why Mintology?

Mintology is Mintable for businesses. With an already established marketplace and millions of NFTs in its inventory, along with investors like Mark Cuban, Vignesh Sundaresan (Founder of Metapurse), and backed by companies like Animoca Brands and Ripple, Mintable is extending its resources to include business owners in their all-round vision to democratize NFTs for everyone. 

Mintology has a comprehensive suite of NFT solutions backed by Mintable’s powerful gasless minting API and packaged as an easy-to-use service for businesses and brands across the spectrum. The service provides full turnkey solutions to enterprises and brands of all sizes looking to double down on an NFT strategy. The API doesn’t only cut down on the hassle of minting, it also allows for an affordable price package for enterprises looking for solutions in the NFT space. As Mintable’s B2B arm, it provides businesses and brands with all of the minting benefits catered to the regular user but scaled up to compete with the demands of any market.

What can we expect from Zedge?

Zedge’s announcement to enhance their platform for minting artworks into NFTs will significantly diversify and grow the economy of creator NFTs. This will not only expand availability to a larger pool of artists but will also enable the access and distribution of a more diverse range of content. Zedge’s plan will add value to the current market of digital goods for creators, not only allowing them to own and monetize their creations with unique digital tokens but with the already available operating system and analysis tools built on their Premium marketplace as well.

“Our goal with Zedge Premium is to create an easy to use marketplace where artists can access our huge user base to market their creations. We’ve approached NFTs as another tool to help them make a living making art. Rather than focusing on early adopters and speculators, we’re focusing on need and function by introducing genuine scarcity to the digital goods our creators are already selling, making them more valuable in the process. You could already discover the next Andy Warhol in the Zedge Premium marketplace, and now you can buy a piece from that artist for under $1,000 and, if it increases in value over time, you will be rewarded for your early support.”

– Tim Quirk, SVP of Product for Zedge


For more info:https://www.zedge.net/

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