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Battle Star NFT – A Retro-Futuristic P2E Game

Looking for the next big thing in NFT gaming? Try Battle Star, a next-generation, play-to-earn retro space game on Immutable X and Ethereum launching on 14 Jan 2022. The text-based, PVP game features simple yet fun gameplay, along with the opportunity to earn $CREDIT, the game’s native ERC-20 token.

Battle Star is a convergence of old and new – a nostalgic throwback to retro computer games, built on innovative new technology. So let’s take a closer look at the project, and the awesome NFT battleships that will fly us to the moon and beyond.

Battle Star NFTs

The Battle Star collection is a fleet of 10,000 NFT battleships that can be used to play the game. There are four tiers of rarity for the NFTs – common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. The rarer the ship, the more powerful it is.

The creators have been quiet on the looks and attributes of the rarity tiers, but they have dropped a couple of sneak peeks in their Discord server.

Federation Fighter Ship – Common Rarity
Alien-tech Battleship – Rarity Unknown

There will only be 10,000 gen 0 battleships minted, for 0.04 ETH each. Once gen 0 mints out, the only way to get a ship is to purchase one with $CREDIT, the game’s native token. There are only 2 ways to acquire $CREDITs – by winning battles against other players, or buying them on a decentralized exchange such as UniSwap.


Battle Star is set in the vast expanses of space, controlled by an ancient and mysterious intergalactic Federation. Having conquered most of known space, the Federation’s Captains (players) now battle for supremacy amongst themselves, racing to raid planets for rare resources and craft the strongest battleships.  


The game begins on 3 planets – Andoria, Nibiru, and Borroxium. Each planet can be raided for resources, and will drop varying quantities of iron, gold, coaxium, and quantonium. Iron is the most common element, while quantonium is the rarest.


The elements gathered from raiding planets can then be used to craft upgrades (as NFTs) for battleships. There are 3 tiers of upgrades – the better the upgrade, the higher the resource cost. The top tier of upgrades cannot be crafted without the rare element of quantonium, so frequent planet-raiding is a requirement for success.

Once upgrades are crafted, they can be permanently added to an existing Battleship NFT to generate a new upgraded Battleship NFT. Now the player has 2 options – they can sell the Battleship on secondary markets, or battle other players in the game to earn $CREDIT.


When entering the battlefield, players will be able to see all available opponents and choose their fight. The winner will get rewarded in $CREDIT, and the loser will be a disgrace to the Federation. If a player loses a fight, there is a 10% chance that their ship might be destroyed, at which point they will have 3 options:

1. Repair destroyed battleship to 90% power level for 10,000 $CREDIT

2. Buy a new battleship for 25,000 $CREDIT

3. Sell battleship on the secondary market

To get the most out of the game, it is recommended that players have a fleet of at least 3 battleships. That way, players will have the option of selling off unwanted ships while still having enough to raid, battle, and profit.

Immutable X + Ethereum

Built on the robust Ethereum Network, Immutable X is a layer 2 protocol specifically for NFTs. It leverages the power and security of the Ethereum blockchain to give users faster transactions, massive scalability (9,000 transactions per second), and zero gas fees – without ever compromising user ownership.

Battle Star will be launched natively on Immutable X, but with a bridge to Ethereum. This will enable faster transactions and low fees, while still allowing the battleship NFTs to be sold on Ethereum marketplaces for greater accessibility.

The secondary marketplace for Battle Star NFTs will be Mintable because our recent integration of Immutable X.

Battle Star NFT will be ready to mint and ready to play on 14 Jan 2022. If you like gaming, spaceships, and making money, this is one not to miss. Join their Discord server to stay up to date, and see you on minting day!

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