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Mintable Trading Tournament with Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

We’re excited to announce that the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate collection is now on Mintable! In celebration, we’re launching a Trading Tournament for SVS collectibles on our marketplace. For every 65 SVS traded, one seller and one buyer will each receive a prize worth 0.7 ETH!

Find out more about the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate in our latest project spotlight.

The tournament will be held in 3 rounds, with a total prize pool of over $10,000 USD up for grabs. Here’s how it works:


  1. Buy an SVS on Mintable
  2. Post your purchase on Twitter and tag @mintable_app & @SVSNFT

    One winner (buyer) will be chosen for every 65 SVS purchased on Mintable. 3 Rounds. 

Prize: 0.7 ETH


  1. Sell an SVS on Mintable.
  2. Post your sale on Twitter and tag @mintable_app & @SVSNFT

    One winner (seller) will be chosen for every 65 SVS sold on Mintable. 3 Rounds.

    Prize: One SVS NFT

At the end of each round, the winners will be announced on the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and Mintable twitter pages. The tournament concludes after 6 unique winners are chosen (3 buyers/3 sellers).

For more information, join our discord server

Happy Trading!


Users who are both buyers and sellers can qualify for either campaign

Prize winners will not be eligible for future rounds. 

Any users caught manipulating transactions to increase the chances of winning will be disqualified. 


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