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NFT Project Bounty – $100 Reward

When you recommend a project to claim their store, you get to add your favorite creators to the growing ecosystem on the marketplace. Help expand the community and extend the audience reach of your favorite projects, increasing their chances of garnering higher volume in sales. What’s more, it might earn you an extra $100 too, amongst other perks.

Here’s why you should refer projects to claim their store:

First of all, you’re helping your favorite creators:

  • Claim ownership of their project on the Mintable marketplace
  • Allow them to customize their profile for their fans
  • Get wider exposure through the Mintable platform
  • Have more channels for sales without the need for cryptocurrency

The more projects that have stores claimed on Mintable, the bigger the community grows! Stay connected with all your favorite projects, creators, and engage the diverse NFT ecosystem all from one place.

How to recommend a store:

Step 1: Head to the store of a creator or project that you like.

Step 2: When the “Win $100 by recommending this store” window pops up, simply copy the code in the bar.

Step 3: Share it with the creator or project of whom you want to claim that store.

Step 4: Earn $100USDT when they successfully claim their store on the Mintable platform.

If you’re looking to claim a store for your project on Mintable, find more details in our how-to guide.

How to earn more from referral links:

Step 1: Simply find the ‘copy referral link’ button on the item page of your favorite store.

Step 2: Send the referral link to a potential buyer

Step 3: When someone purchases the NFT through your link, you will receive 1% of its sale price.

Visit mintable.app now to recommend your favorite stores and refer NFTs to potential buyers.


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