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5 “Punky” NFT collections you can own for less than 0.5 ETH

Whether it is a Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptoadz, Mekaverse, or the highly sought-after Cryptopunk, we all know that these are NFTs you will need to be pretty loaded with cash to own. But what if you can’t afford the most expensive NFT collectible in the world but still appreciate the artistry and want to own something of the same style?

Here are 5 NFTs to satisfy your punky needs that are currently going for less than half an ETH – you’ll definitely have space in your wallet for more than one!

1. 3D baby punks (​​3DBBPK)

Current average price: 0.07ETH~


Here’s something you don’t see every day – punks in diapers. These adorable 3D rendered collectibles are something you just can’t miss. Some come complete with full beards and cigarettes, but all of them have are recognizable from the baby bottle in hand.

2. Radioactive punk

Current average price: 0.01ETH~


If you love the classic 8-bit style punks, but want to add a touch of superhuman to the mix, try a punk that’s been doused with radioactive chemicals. All 10,000 of these glowing green punks come in all different shapes and forms, each to satisfy the taste of anyone looking for a punk in the NFT market.

3. Fat punks

Current average price: 0.015ETH~



Punks can come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes punks that have a couple more chins than usual. While the creators describe these 8-bit collectibles as “concerningly overweight”, we don’t fat shame or discriminate here. Every punk is equal on Mintable, and we love a fat punk.

4. Hacker Punks

Current average price: 0.07ETH~


With only 223 in-store, each of these hacker punks are truly rare and unique. While real hackers are considered the OG punks of the digital world, elusive with their trusty laptops in the name of anarchy, each of these adorable hackers collectible adorn a hoodie and different emotive face – one for every mood.

5. Space Punks

Current average price: 0.25ETH~


What if punks escaped earth and moved to outer space? You get space punks, of course. Only these punks aren’t floating around in space but in the Ethereum blockchain network. The 10,000 NFT collection of punks in space was designed by a team based in Prague and AI-generated complete with unique space suits and different features.

Browse on mintable.app for more unique NFTs.


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