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NFT Creators 101: Best practices for creating an NFT

Hey there aspiring creator! Now that you’ve read everything you need to know about NFTs, and all about the Risks and Rewards of diving into the NFT market as a creator, you must be wondering what’s next. One of the things that can seem daunting to new creators is how to get started on minting your first NFT.

No worries, we’re here to help! But before we get to the nitty-gritty of minting an NFT, here are some of the best practices for creating your first NFT:

Knowing your brand

When thinking about creating your NFT, it’s crucial to consider how you’d be associated with what you create, and not to simply put something just because you want to generate quantity in the hopes of making a quick buck off the hype. Think about your creation as a medium for communication:

Who are you as a creator? Are you a musician, a painter, a digital artist?

What do you, as a creator, want to create?
What kind of works would you like to showcase? 

What best represents you as an artist or creator?

Read more about how to stand out as an NFT creator: https://editorial.mintable.app/2021/09/22/how-to-stand-out-as-an-nft-creator/

Create with intention

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

– Paul Rand

Indeed, art is subjective and design can be interpreted however one likes, but to create something that has the holding power, and generates continuous demand for your work as a creator – that is something that transcends good design or a pretty composition. This applies to every art form, whichever you as a creator might fall under. Whether it is music, photography, fashion design, videography, or otherwise, it is always useful to think about your work in the same vein, and to treat it like the ambassador for your brand. Visually, it works to your advantage to develop your own style when creating. It makes you recognizable, which works to strengthen your brand. After all, people like consistency when it comes to purchasing, a consistent aesthetic and strong branding is always a plus.

Here are 6 evergreen art genres to inspire you to start creating: https://editorial.mintable.app/2021/10/06/5-evergreen-art-genres-that-have-dominated-the-nft-market/

Add value to your work

Don’t be afraid to create additional elements to add value to your NFT. When you go to a museum, you exit through a gift shop. While at concerts, there’s often a merch stand that offers you the opportunity to walk away with something material from your experience. This creates a new dimension for buyers’ experience, e.g. being able to take home a tangible piece of the concert or museum that layers on to the experience itself. It’s all about generating higher levels of engagement – with your community as well as with your buyer. Think about what else can they take away from your creation, perhaps it’s something as simple as a print of your work.

Many platforms like Mintable offer unlockable content to help creators generate more value for their NFTs. Read more about what unlockable content can do for you as a creator here.

Be familiar with limitations

If you’re confident in the kind of content you’d like to put out, it is good to be aware of what your limitations are as a creator.

For example, minting erotic-themed art on most platforms will get your listing removed, so do find out what platforms work for you. This ultimately determines whether or not your NFT gets sold.

Read about the implications of adult content NFTs here.

More importantly, creators need to know whether or not their work can be converted into NFTs at all. There is a whole array of NFTs out there, from digital art, to music, to fashion, luxury goods, property etc, the list goes on. Choosing suitable file formats, and being savvy about what the platform you’ve chosen is or isn’t able to host will help you in the long run. Some NFT marketplaces specialize in a specific category, so make sure you look up what marketplace best suits the type of NFT you want to create.

Read about what file formats are acceptable on Mintable here, or read the FAQ page on mintable.app for more information.

Be patient

The last tip from us to you is simply to be patient. Creating is a process and creativity is not something you can rush either. Remember to invest time into making your masterpieces, and do not rush the process. Once your work is minted and out in the world, it will take some effort to get noticed as well, so do not get discouraged when your newly minted NFT does not immediately get picked up by a buyer. Promotion and marketing are key in the arena of selling. But do not fret, we will be addressing key components to help get your NFTs sold in the coming articles of Creators 101.

Next up, we have Minting an NFT.
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