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Everything you need to know about NFTs – Right here!

Hooray! We’re officially launching Mintable’s editorial site!

As a platform that aims to democratize access to NFTs for creators, collectors, buyers, innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, for everyone – this blog will be your one-stop resource for all things NFT.

The NFT market is now a billion-dollar industry with a growing gap in terms of public education and accessibility. If you’re someone who wishes to know more about what NFTs are, what they can do etc, you may find that materials are either spread out among the various channels or perhaps do not address a particular query that you may have. Mintable aims to narrow that gap with the launch of this editorial site. We want to make it easy for everyone to get their hands on useful resources and knowledge they need to stay ahead in the booming NFT world. Whether it be a heavily technical piece about the intricacies of how blockchain works, or a simple, more pleasurable read about how digital art impacts the world, you’ll be able to find it all here. This blog is also our way of empowering creators and collectors to gain more exposure to the world of NFTs and to allow users to feel confident in minting, selling, and even buying NFTs.

No matter who you are, or what you do, whether you’re a creator looking for ways to grow your brand, or someone who simply wants to know more about the world of NFTs, this editorial blog aims to demystify all topics surrounding the perceived cryptic world of non-fungible tokens. We have curated our editorial site to suit the needs of various demographics of people with these main content pillars in mind:


As Mintable is part of a wider NFT ecosystem, it’s important for us to address everything else that’s going on in the industry, from the basics to the more technical aspects. We’ll be covering topics ranging from what NFTs are, the newest industry developments, to our thoughts on the different vectors of the NFT world.

Community & Lifestyle: Creators, Collectors, and artworks

It is the creators and users that make Mintable the platform that it is, and this portion of our blog is dedicated to that. The content falling under this pillar will cater to the building of a wider community on our platform. It is where we will drive conversation with creators, highlight different artists, spotlight interesting artworks, and celebrate the NFT community as a whole.

NFTs for the everyday person

What are NFTs for the everyday person, you ask? Well, this part of the blog is precisely curated to answer that question. We aim to address all the questions an everyday person may have pertaining to the wide and growing world of NFTs – how you can get on the platform, how are NFTs beneficial to you, how to mint an NFT, or how you can promote the NFTs you’ve already minted.

All things Mintable

As the name suggests, this is the answer to all your questions about Mintable. This portion of our blog is how you can get to know us a little better – who we are, what we do, how the platform works, how you can use it to your advantage, touching on topics like how we’ve been making Mintable more accessible. We will also be highlighting all of our fun new features, other exciting announcements about the platform, and all the ways we are working towards our goals here.

We cannot wait to grow the content on our blog for everyone, educate ourselves about the workings of the community, and get to know everyone through the exciting world of NFTs. Let us know if there are specific topics you would like to see us touch on in the comments below!


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