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4 ways to promote your NFTs on Mintable!

So you’re a creator on Mintable and you’ve just minted an NFT, or perhaps you’ve already had a few in your repertoire. Now it’s on to the fun, albeit more daunting bit, which is getting yourself and your NFT noticed. Whether to get it sold, or simply to get more eyes on that beautiful work of art, here are a couple of things you can do on Mintable that will help get your NFT the attention it deserves:

1. Social Sharing

Having organic reach is important for growing the followers within your own circle and network. Social sharing is a simple tool on Mintable that allows you the ability to share news of your newly minted items on just as many social platforms as you are on. On the page of your listing, you can choose from the ‘Share This Item’ menu, which gives you the option of which platform you’d like to share it on, e.g. Facebook or Discord.

2. Upvoting

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Mintable’s homepage has a section called “Community Picks” that we’ve dedicated to showcasing a series of NFTs voted on by the users on the platform itself. The idea is to place power in the hands of creators and buyers themselves, bolstering a community of support through participation. Everyone on mintable.app has a chance to vote on the NFTs that they like. The higher the number of votes an NFT gets, the more prominent of a space they will get in ‘Community Picks’.

If you pair this with the social sharing function on the app, and you’ll be able to reach out to your own community for more votes.

3. Boosting

If no one sees your creation, the likelihood of it reaching an audience and eventually getting an NFT sold can prove itself to be a little challenging. By boosting your listings, your NFT will be pushed to the top of not only the Mintable homepage, but the search page as well, making sure your NFT remains a prominent sight on our platform.

To boost a listing, go to https://mintable.app/profile/ad-manager and click on “create ad”. Select the items you want to boost, choose the duration of your ad and budget, and it’s good to go!

4. Pro Services

The Mintable community is home to over thousands of users, which translates to a whole lot of potential buyers and fans of yours. One of the ways you can get your items seen is through Pro-services. Pro-services are the perfect way to leverage the community on all of Mintable’s platforms, as well as increase visibility for your NFTs amongst all the noise. It is a personalizable service created by us that connects you with users on our network. We’ll help you score more eyes on your work as either a featured artist in our email newsletter or on our social media pages. Depending on which service you pick, we’ll even write you a dedicated press release about you or an item of your choosing.

Quick Tip: Listings

Listings aren’t necessarily considered a tool for promoting your NFTs, but it’s important to consider how you’re listing them. Listings are not only a good way to strategize how you’re getting your NFTs seen, but it’s also useful for positioning them in regards to who and how you’d like them to be noticed.

Regular listings are more commonly for items that have inventory, as it has more mass-market characterization. Whereas auction listings and printable listings appeal more to collectors who are looking for something that has a rare or unique value such as signed copies of artworks with resale value. If you’re a creator that is looking to capitalize on the rarity of the item you’ve created, this is a superb way of getting your NFT seen by the right market. Auction listings are also time-limited, creating urgency and demand around the NFT due to the small window of opportunity buyers have to get their hands on your item.

Mint your items now and get promoting!



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