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New Feature Release: Profile Pages!

Completely new look packed with a ton of new features!

We’ve reimagined what your Mintable profile page would look like from the ground up. Now, you can proudly showcase your NFT collection with this new look and share it with your friends on social media!


  • Add a background banner image on your profile
  • Manage your orders and reviews easier
  • Show all your earnings in a easy to read chart

New Feature — Listing Ratings

We want to give everyone the highest chance of selling their NFTs and help them make the best NFTs possible. So we have added scores on listings.

These scores are calculated from all of your data you put on the listing and we provide tips on how to make the best possible NFT listing so that your chances of selling are that much better!

Check it out and see if you can improve your listings to get a perfect score!

Earnings breakdown

Data is gold — so we want to show you as much data as possible.

With the new earnings page — you can see all of your recent sale, by day and week and month, as well as see the breakdown that come from credit card buys or ETH directly.


  • Show off all your NFTs, and not just the ones on Mintable
  • Social sharing is larger and easier to promote
  • See total views on your items

A good place to start exploring this new feature is to upload your background banner image on your profile. Use this opportunity to showcase your personality to tell your own story!

Share with us your redesigned profile page in the comments section below and we might just feature some of our favourites to the rest of the community!


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