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$MINT Migration to v2

Last week we migrated and deployed a new $MINT governance NFT for Mintable.app

Mintable NFT DAO

MINT V2 — Gas savings

Last week we migrated and deployed a new $MINT governance NFT for Mintable.app. Some of you may have already noticed, because you now have 2 governance NFTs in your wallet. But the snapshot was done and tokens have been airdropped to all token holders already. The migration is now complete.

Why did we migrate?

Gas savings in short. Gas costs are definitely a downer when it comes to NFTs and when buying NFTs on Mintable, there are added gas costs due to checking for minting our governance NFTs. So we have changed the core logic that handles this functionality to save on gas costs overall.

We will be implementing a new smart contract for the marketplace as well which has even further gas cost optimizations to reduce this further.

Migration is Complete

The NFTs have been airdropped to everyone who held any $MINT governance token at the time of deploying the new contract. Every account has received their same amount of votes and $MINTs automatically.

The new $MINT contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xfd1539ee9ccad1ab5d9b4877097cfd8221815b47

Expect etherscan to update the profile and migrate the old token over to this shortly within the next week or two.

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