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Mintable Highlight #6

2021 is starting off to a great start!

What an amazing week! Every day, you will see some really awesome NFTs on our marketplace — be it art, collectibles, music or videos. Loving the creativity and power of these pieces by our amazing creators. Be sure to check out what’s for sale. Over 700 NFTs is now actively listed for sale and over 1,500 that have been listed! https://mintable.app/browse

Here are some of the featured artworks by amazing creators as well as recent major announcements from Mintable!

Featured Artwork

VESA’s “Delicatessen 99 Special Edition

“The drop is about people having 99 problems, but not affording a cool $99 NFT ain’t one.”

VESA a famous digital painter who has been making cryptoart since 2017 has dropped these 99 NFTs called “Delicatessen”. Each NFT is $99 and helps fund the real life studio/gallery that’s focused on crypto art.

Delicatessen 99 Special Edition on Mintable.app

Moestradamus’ “Optimal Performance // NueroFeedback Training NFT #2

Moestradamus is an artist with many talents, one of which being a board certified specialist for NueroFeedback training. This NFT is quite special, because its the first NFT to ever come with:

  1. the NFT itself
  2. A physically mailed EEG headset (shows your brain waves)
  3. 5 remote training sessions
  4. 1-on-1 training with Moestradamus
  5. The infinite object physical artwork display.

There is not a single NFT ever that has come with all of these features/items.

Moe released another NFT previously that came with a 3 night stay at a resort in Colorado, a travel stipend, and the NFT. Moe continues to the push the space forward!

Optimal Performance // NueroFeedback Training NFT #2 on Mintable.app

Moestradamus’ “Crypto Chronic Strain #1

Not just one but FOUR unlockables for the lucky buyer of this NFT by Moestradamus221. Including a physical tornglass pendant shipped, as well as a 3 night stay at the beautiful Rustic Acre. How often do you ever see an NFT that comes with a 3 night stay at a resort and a travel budget?! Almost never!

Congrats to the buyer and a huge shout out to Moestradamus for bringing innovative thoughts to the NFT space!

Cesar Yague’s “Inner Realm

Cesar Yague is an artist specializing in 3D animation art, and this piece Inner Realm is a great experience of calm rest within your inner realm.

The unlockable file comes with 500 x 2500 px, MP4 (99,9 MB) Duration: 00:10 — Seamlessly cyclical.

Check it out and buy it here:Inner Realmmintable.app

Spazzeh’s “Restful Slime Reimagined

Spazzeh makes awesome pixel art and is focused on pixel graphics similar to games. This piece restful slime reimagined is described as: “Our slime buddy has come from so far and met a little buddy! They decide to rest up before their next big adventure.”

This unique one of one artwork is now available for sale via the link below-Restful Slime Reimagined on Mintable.app

Natural_Warp’s “Timeless Tunnel FX N° 120

Natural Warp makes some amazing video loops, and this one is another great one.

Timeless Tunnel is a 4k video loop of 100 seconds long, over 1gb!

You have to see the video to appreciate how cool it is. Check the link below.Timeless Tunnel FX N° 120100-second-long-4K-seamless-videoloop-at-30-FPSmintable.app

Siniko.paint’s “The Wait

Although his first ever NFT is no longer available, his second NFT creation is still listed for sale on Mintable app! This piece is about the time we spend waiting for things. Check out this piece and buy it now here:The Waitmintable.app

jewelry_cryptoart’s “Splash — Gold Version

Splash gold version is a rendering of a beautiful scene. Something straight from a dream.

Apart of a series putting jewelry artwork on the blockchain, this is one of many NFTs being made. Here is another, called “The White Golden Eye”

The White Golden Eyemintable.appSplash – Gold Versionmintable.app

Collaboration with Infinite Objects

In case you’ve missed our previous announcement, you are now able to add a physical video print by Infinite Objects whenever you purchase a video NFT on Mintable!

Check out this article for more information.

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