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Mintable Highlight #5

Happy 2021! Let’s take a look of some of the featured artwork in the first week of new year!

Happy New Year MINTers!

Over the past 3 years, Mintable has consistently grown not just in users, contracts, revenue, but also as a platform. Before we roll over to 2021, we’ve witnessed the monthly NFT trading volume hitting an all-time high in Dec 2020.

As the virtual and physical worlds converge in 2021, we foresee that NFT creators will prosper with the increased penetration of NFTs into the mainstream. This encourages us to improve and create the ideal platform for amazing NFT creators and collectors like you! There will be a couple of major updates on Mintable real soon so stay tuned for that;)

Meanwhile, M-1 proposal submitted by the Mintable community has passed! M-1 lets anyone who earned voting NFTs by trading NFTs on Mintable be able to exchange those votes directly for the revenue we have earned If we had 1 million in fees earned and you have 10% of the votes — you directly can get 100k for your $MINTs.

What’s the next proposal to be submitted? You can propose anything! Get your MINT NFT today and start proposing to change the platform! https://mintable.app/vote

Without further ado, here are some of the highly desirable NFTs created by creative artists on Mintable!

Featured Artwork

Moestradamus’ “Optimal Performance — NeuroFeedback Training NFT #2

Moestradamus is back with another innovative NFT with numerous unlockables attached!

Neurofeedback helps train brain activity and improve cognitive performance and this service is highly sought after by CEOs and professional athletes around the world.

“Purchase of this NFT unlocks your own personal wireless EEG headset (Muse 2), as well as an additional Myndlift external electrode and 10–20 electrode paste. It also includes one month of remote Optimal/Peak Performance Neurofeedback training”

As this is a video NFT, you will also have the option to add on an Infinite Object’s physical video print at check out!

Only one edition of this NFT will be available so don’t miss out! Buy it here: Optimal Performance // NeuroFeedback Training NFT #2uri…mintable.app

Vesa’s “The VESA Metaverse Studio 3D Render

Last week, we have another amazing NFT artist onboard! Other than being known for his innovative take on digital art, artbyvesa is also a prominent writer at newsbtc. This 3D render represents Vesa’s new Helsinki studio space. Sales from these NFTs will assist with the costs of making this new crypto art space, from which the patrons can potentially benefit in resales.

The collectors will also get their names and Twitter profiles added into a News BTC article as well! Only 10 will be available. Show your support and check out his creations here: https://mintable.app/u/vesa/current-item-list

Dyerlightart’s “Unique Abstract Art ”

DLA is a combination of photography and painting. It is both and it is neither. These abstract images were drawn inside the camera with light. Using only one push of the shutter button, with NO post-processing, No computer graphics. They are straight out of the camera. No one yet can duplicate this process.

These NFTs buyers will be entitled to receive one signed 13×19 physical photo print to be displayed on your wall! You can even order larger prints from him. NFT + Physical print + Cool art = pure awesomeness

There will be only ONE NFT and/or signed print of all his creations ever. Check out his store and get your very own 1 of 1 artwork here: https://mintable.app/store/Dyer-Light-Art-DLA-is-Unique-One-of-a-Kind-Abstract-Art-Created-Using-Camera-and-Light/f3542d1e-3a98-4b97-be51-fd7f97e8d5e8

Lookforyash’s “Loner in Space

Beware her sight is omnipresent!

This awesome piece comes with the 4k resolution for wallpaper or physical print if you buy it. Another great example of converging digital NFT artwork in physical format! Get yours here: Loner in spaceuri: /art/item/Loner-in-space-Ethereal/hQhXQXFVyy2B68r agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Embedly/0.2…mintable.app

Magusz’s “Cosmic Glitcher

Part of a series dedicated to feminine energy called Cosmic Women, this unique 1 of 1 piece is a digital painting dedicated to the feminine power of the blockchain. She is a guardian and hostess of the new technology that it’s changing the world and needs nurturing, care, and love. The glitch effect represents the bugs and challenges that the blockchain, as well the feminine energy, encounters and overcomes. A new world still to discover and fully develop. Check out this artwork here: Cosmic Glitcheruri: /art/item/Cosmic-Glitcher-Part-of-the-collection-Cosmic-Women/ff2BpYCflkUU0d- agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible…mintable.app

Coming soon

A limited-edition series of 99 NFT, Artbyvesa’s “Delicatessen” will soon be available on Mintable for $99 each! Sales from these NFTs will contribute to the new art studio Vesa is building.

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