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Mintable X Infinite Objects

Make Mintable’s NFTs come to life with Infinite Objects’ physical video print

The idea for Infinite Objectsis aligned with Mintable’s goal — To make video art more collectible and accessible.

With this collaboration in place, users on Mintable.app will have the option to add on Infinite Objects for the NFT they have just purchase!

Add it to your cart and check out. The physical Infinite Objects’ video print in a beautiful display will be shipped to your doorstep.

NFT x Physical Artwork

The growth of NFTs is rising at an incredibly rapid pace in 2020 as tokenized artwork is starting to catch up with physical artwork sold online. NFTs allow users to enjoy and engage with their art collection anywhere they are and anytime they want. This is much needed especially in current unprecedented times, where art galleries and museums are closed to prevent further pandemic outbreaks.

Although digital artwork can be replicated, the implementation of blockchain technology in NFT acts as proof of ownership for the original copy. The provenance of any NFTs can be traced easily, allowing buyers to differentiate the difference between original and replicas with just a couple of clicks on the browser.

As Pak once said in an interview, “NFT is not about the visible object, it’s about the permission and access to a thing.”

By allowing users to display their prized NFT collection in a physical format with Infinite Object, it will be a huge step forward towards the adoption of NFTs.

Here is an example of how it will look like

Each digital artwork minted as an NFT can incorporate complex movement and motion. With Infinite Object, the art collector can proudly display their purchase anywhere they desire. Another benefit to take note of is that the original copy in NFT form is immutable and cannot be physically damaged, unlike traditional physical artwork.

Video NFT on Infinite Object can be appreciated and valued in the same way as physical prints, such as canvas art and photographs, and not just be trapped in digital gadgets such as mobile phones and computers.

The unobstructed and clean design of Infinite Object’s is the perfect medium of display for any video artwork.

Infinite Object is not an electronic gadget, it is a canvas for the amazing artwork by creative NFT artists.

Empowering Blockchain Adoption with NFTs

Other than the financial sector, the art industry is primed for blockchain disruption and mass adoption of NFTs looks within reach. The intersection of proof of ownership and scarcity makes NFTs a perfect match made in heaven.

Buying an NFT and receiving a physical copy of the digital art will play an essential and crucial role in the NFT ecosystem.

Grab one of your very own Mintable NFT in Infinite Objects today! Browse here: https://mintable.app/

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