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Mintable Highlight #3

Featuring some of the amazing artworks by Mintable artists!

Two more weeks before the start of a new year! Once again, we’ve seen numerous beautiful and unique creations on Mintable platform by our dear artists. As the cryptocurrency market hits new heights towards the end of 2020, we are optimistic that 2021 will be the year for NFTs! Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, catch up with Mintable’s journey in 2020 in this article!

Featured Artwork

Pranksy’s “Shill Store

This idea by PranksyNFT is a rather unique iteration of NFTs. Buy an NFT and redeem a shill tweet from Pranksy account. If you have been in the NFT space for some time now, Pranksy should be no stranger to you!

Will Pranksy really tweet something about you or your art when you buy this NFT? You have to buy one to find out ;D

Looking forward to seeing more creations by Pranksy on Mintable!

Buy them here: https://mintable.app/store/Pranksys-Shill-Store-Pay-Pranksy-to-shill-for-you-Not-Financial-advice-no-rug-pulls-no-skems/7c6e0589-28a9-40c5-bb25-a7b1170541c3

Manwithnoname’s “20 20K

It’s been 3 years and BTC finally broke ATH. 2020 is coming to an end and we probably won’t see BTC back at US$20k (hope I didn’t jinx it)

Just look at the details in this unique 1 of 1 “20 20K” by Man_WithNoName to commemorate Bitcoin breaking the 20k mark in 2020. Take a guess on how many BTC logos are used in this video.

Buy it here: https://mintable.app/Art/item/20-20k-We-made-it/592rEMjdjLxUVZy

PaulSummerField’s “The lost n found seedling amongst a messy scrub”

The inspiration for this work comes from many walks in the Australian bush. A 1/10 piece from Paul summerfield who also sells physical prints of their art. This is the first digital artwork Paul created to be used as an NFT!

“The figure is caring for a rare plant found amongst the undergrowth. The messy bush scrub surrounds this scene, textural and colorful.

The different plant motifs that can be seen in the work come from many visits to my local botanical gardens with me drawing outside on my tablet. Some are real plants and others are from my imagination. I often use this library of plant illustrations in my works.”

Buy it here: The lost n found seedling amongst a messy scruburi: /art/item/The-lost-n-found-seedling-amongst-a-messy-scrub-Limited-edition-110-digital-painting/otqyYlSkYkWRbxO…mintable.app

Cherryhottie’s “Creepted Cherrysmas

The second NFT that comes with a physical item shipped on Mintable! This NFT is created by Mintable’s top seller so far, Cherry_hotwife! Every single NFT sold comes with a physical tee shirt from Cherry, shipping details can be shared through our unique messaging feature on site. Meanwhile, something exciting related to physical shipping will be released on Mintable real soon. Stay tuned for updates!


Alon’s “No Equality No Opportunity

First ever NFT minted on Mintable by AlonGoren! Only 5 will be available. “When I was a teenager, I would stencil this logo and spray paint it on everything. Playing with mintable and wanted to make a coin version. There will only ever be 5 of this version.”

Isreel’s “The Laszlo Slice

Remember Laszlo Hanyecz? He bought a pizza with 10,000 BTC back in 2010.

What is 10,000 BTC worth today?


How much is this NFT artwork by CryptoAutobot to commemorate this event? Just a little over 0.08 ETH

Buy it here: https://mintable.app/art/item/The-Laszlo-Slice-Bitcoin-Pizza/ihYT8nOFylgBmck

Hash!’s “Satoshi’s Wrapped BTC

Another creation related to BTC! Who’s the original creator? No idea. Could it be Satoshi Nakamoto himself? Probably. You never know 😉

Buy it here:

Natural Warp’s “3 Unique NFTs”

As featured on previous week’s highlight, this time round, Natural_Warp will be donating 75% of all sales to xBrucethegoose after his recent wallet hack incident. Bruce makes a living selling art and it was all taken from him recently when his wallet was hacked. The support within the NFT community has been awesome and it is great to see the tremendous support by everyone! Each of Natural_Warp cryptoart video NFT comes with a high res 4k unlockable file. Get all in 1 wallet to own the original 360° VR 8k videoloop. Each video is 1.2gb! High quality NFTs.

The Veil N° 100
We are all hallucinating, this is base reality, zoomed to the maximum resolution.

Mindset Medicine N° 100
When all filters are down, base reality reveals itself.

Timeless Tunnel FX N° 100
Travel through time, focus on the essence.

Buy them here: https://mintable.app/u/natural_warp/stores/09de622d-c43d-47ce-bc84-edf6772733bb

Charity Auction

We’ve seen many other artists helping out Brucethegoose as well! RoganX4 is doing an auction to raise funds for him with CryptoBlot from artblocks_io and Tanglement.

Buy it here:

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