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One week left until launch — Mintable v2.0 — Dev Update 6

1 week away from launching our v2.0 —with features that will push the NFT ecosystem forward! Super excited!

We launch on the 30th of November! Sign up on the site to get an email notification when we are live!

Before we dive into what’s coming — what is Mintable?

A next gen NFT marketplace

Our v2.0 focuses mainly on providing a new type of NFT marketplace — one that mixes a series of web 2.0 marketplace features we are all used to, with the cutting edge technology of NFTs. We will no longer be focusing on providing a tool to manage NFTs, but instead focusing on helping creators and buyers trade and create NFTs. Our goal now is to be the best NFT marketplace with features no other marketplace has, as well as the most flexible NFT creator’s tool ever made.

With each weekly update we share some of the features coming up, today we will be covering the updates we did over the last week.

So close to launch — So progress. So wow.

Selfie of myself working on Mintable v2.0

DAO, DAO, and more DAO!

Proposal page to see all proposal on the DAO

We’ve finished the DAO proposal page, which lets you see all proposals, create a new proposal, vote on a proposal, see your total voting power, etc. We want to add a comment section, or a discussion forum — but we think its probably best to just use one of the out of the box solutions for that and link directly to it.

Individual proposal page to vote and see the actual details of the proposal

MINT homepage (homepage for the DAO not the marketplace)

We finished the homepage/landing page for the governance NFT, MINT.

It shows you your current amount of voting power, lets you buy more if you are so inclined, and allows you to go to the proposal page. Not much going on here besides the buying logic, so it was an easy thing to check off on the list of todos.

ENS domain names, Rarible/IPFS metadata support,

We’ve added support for ENS domains, so you can trade/sell/transfer your ENS domains within Mintable.

But wait — there’s more! You can also use the domain name as the address for sending NFTs.

We’ve added support for NFTs that use invalid URLs for IPFS data — such as Rarible.

Videos, 3D images, mp3s support

Since day 1 we have planned for supporting 3D images with an interactive player, auto playing mp4s and fullscreen video players, and mp3 support for downloading songs.

All of this is done and ready to go. Actually was finished a long time ago — but thought we’d mention it here!

Our homepage was also redone this week

Slick, sexy, smooth.

All the logic for the homepage was done — such as pulling the most viewed NFTs for sale, stores with the most items sold, ad campaigns, etc. It looks great on mobile too.

Dev updates/Progress

This week we have done a lot of work. Our lead dev has been working 12–14 hour days coding all day to finish and test as much as he can. We’ve made a lot of progress this week, with the things mentioned above, as well as a ton of backend things that are just too boring to talk about.

QA team:

Has been testing away — finding small UI bugs here and there and suggesting UX improvements. So far, the last week they didn’t have anything major pop up but a slight glitch in our browsing algorithm.

Dev work:

We’ve finished the DAO page, the DAO proposals page and functionality for voting on proposals. We’ve finished the homepage, and we have added slight improvements, as well as fixing bugs this week.

We have finished selling any item on the blockchain as well — so that was a big feat but was surprisingly easy. We’ve had the QA team testing this all week but its surprisingly hard to get NFTs on rinkeby — so we’ve done the best we can to get them some. One example is that OpenSea’s metadata for NFTs minted on their site does not work for testnets…. so its essentially pointless — we had to make the decision that if the NFT’s metadata is broken — then we won’t let you list it. Don’t want broken images and broken NFTs cluttering up the marketplace. But because of the hardness of getting an NFT on rinkeby thats unique, like say a gods unchained card, or axie, or artwork from outside the main minting platforms, we will have to watch it closely and see if any unexpected bugs come up after launch (hope not!)

Next steps for this week:

Now we are ready to work on selling any NFT that follows the ERC-721 standard. What we have done so far is only for Mintable NFTs, but now its time to sell any NFT in your wallet. So that will be the goal of this week, it should only take 3 days or so to have it complete. Then we can start testing it.

After that — we will be building the DAO proposals and voting section, as well as the main DAO landing page — where you can see all of your MINTs (Votes for the DAO) and buy MINT NFTs if you want to.

After that — we will move into the Go Pro pages and checkout process, then start finalizing small little tasks that we have left for end — including the documentation.

We are trying to move at a breakneck pace — as we only have 14 days left before launching. So send us a tweet to show some support — because we’ve been working 12–15 hour days every day! What an amazing team we have.

Check us out and stay tuned for next week when we launch!

If you sell a lot of NFTs or just make really cool artwork — please sign up as a powerseller and get early access to the platform before its live. You also get a ton of special perks. You can sign up with the google form below.

Follow us on our Twitter at:

You made it to the end — here’s a sneak peek of MINT the governance NFT for our NFT only DAO.


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