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Mintable v2.0 — Launch Update 1

As we get closer to the launch of Mintable v2.0 on Ethereum we are going to be doing weekly dev updates and other exciting updates

Countdown to launch in 3….2….1….

Mintable has been working behind the scenes on the full launch (what we call v2.0) for over a year now, and its coming so close to being finished we now have a date for launch. In the next 40–50 days Mintable will launch its brand new, next generation NFT marketplace.

Before we dive into whats coming — what is Mintable …or what was it?

Mintable started as a tool to help anyone create, mint, and manage ERC-721 (NFTs). We were the first platform to allow anyone to make their own NFT and retain complete ownership over the smart contract, the first tool to batch mint NFTs and the first tool to manage your NFTs from any ERC-721 contract.

Now we are again changing the NFT space by pushing forward into a next generation for the NFT ecosystem.

A Next Generation NFT Marketplace

Our v2.0 focuses mainly on providing a new type of NFT marketplace — one that mixes a series of web 2.0 marketplace features we are all used to, with the cutting edge technology of NFTs. We will no longer be focusing on providing a tool to manage NFTs, but instead focusing on helping creators and buyers trade and create NFTs. We are now focusing on being the most flexible NFT creator’s tool ever made, as well as the best NFT marketplace with features no other marketplace has.

Some of the features our NFT marketplace will have that make it the next iteration of marketplace for NFTs are:

Next Gen Features

The world’s very first…

We can’t say yet. But you’ll read about it in the 3rd weekly update in the first week of November. Lets just say… its never been thought of before and never been done (had to write completely custom smart contracts for it)

The largest batch minting — ever.

Want to make 1,000 NFTs for your project/followers? Don’t want to spend $10,000 in transaction fees doing it? How about 2,000 in a single transaction? Yes, yes you can with Mintable.

We went to work after getting a grant from the Ethereum Foundation redesigning the ERC-721 standard to improve its optimization and allow for larger batch minting amounts. This new ERC-721 style can batch mint up to 2,000 NFTs in a single transaction, each completely unique, and 100% ERC-721 compatible (meaning they work on every marketplace, every wallet, every dapp automatically).

These contracts will be open sourced for everyone to enjoy as well.

Printable Series

You can now directly sell millions of NFTs with a single transaction using something we call ‘printable series’. This will be a game changer for projects, allowing for something very similar to an ICO, but for NFTs. We already have one project onboard who we are very excited for, they are a talent acquisition company with super models and football players from the largest teams in the U.K who will be making NFTs for using this printable series.

Anyone can make their own series on Mintable, its just another option to choose from 😉

Private, Unlockable Files

“Why buy that image for $10,000 when I can right click and save the image?”

I’m sure you’ve heard this before about NFTs — while its not necessarily true (you still don’t own the NFT when you save the image!) we are address this directly with private unlockable files.

Upload any file type, up to 3gb in size, and ONLY the current owner of the NFT can download/access/see that file.

Meaning if your selling art, you have put the 4k high res image as a unlockable file, and the public image could be low res or have a watermark. Or upload an entire album for your band. Or a zip file of whatever you want.

New means of discovery for NFT buyers and more sales for sellers

In the range of marketplace features we have a ton of new features that you will not find on any other NFT marketplace. We don’t want to share them just yet, as there is still plenty of time for other marketplaces to start building them if we announce them, but here are some general ideas of what we are building:

  • We have an extensive category and stores system, so its very easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • We have an advanced search algorithm so that you can type in any phrase and find any NFT listed for sale matching that phrase.
  • Ways for sellers/power sellers to stand out and have their NFTs noticed
  • Ratings, reviews, reporting systems. Now you can see reviews on each NFT seller.
  • Methods to facilitate p2p action.
  • Advanced profiles to share showing all your listings, previously sold items, items you’ve minted.
  • And more… trust me… a lot more.

Dev updates/Progress

This week we have:

QA team:

Has been testing the smart contract creation (make a store for your NFTs) process. This includes everything you’d need to set up on your store, such as royalties, name, images, batch minting, etc.

They have also tested the complete minting/listing process. From batch minting 2,000 NFTs, to printable series, to listing all their items for sale, private files, and more.

This is the first step to being 100% complete.

Dev work:

After fixing the bugs found by the QA team the main dev for Mintable has started finalizing the listing pages, the browsing pages/searching through the marketplace, as well as the complete auction system to handle bidding on NFTs and email notifications. This will be sent to the QA team in the next few days.


Some of you may have heard we brought on a new person to the Mintable team — Creative director for Mintable — Mark K. He formally was the Branding/Creative Director for Zilliqa, a multi-million dollar company and successful blockchain company.

With him, we have also hired a new designer onto the team and are working on a brand refresh, and UI refresh. This will be done in the next two weeks and will be implemented into the UI before launch.

Finally, next steps:

Next week we will be working on finalizing the browsing experience, the logic behind it, and the entire smart contracts we need to have completed.

All the smart contracts are 99% done, with minor tweaks needing to be made for the adjustments with our new launch of the worlds’ very first……

Can’t say — but you’ll know more after November 1st when we announce it. Regardless, we need to change most of our contracts to integrate this new aspect of our platform and to plug into what we have now. That is next weeks agenda, as well as finalizing the buying/purchasing/trading of NFTs, purchasing via auction systems, and all the account notifications, emails, and updating that needs to happen with that. So another busy week.

This has been a long one — but a lot of things happen during the week.

Check us out and stay tuned for next sunday’s update

Feel free to check out our old, v1 from 2018 at https://mintable.app.

The v2.0 marketplace for the Zilliqa blockchain at https://zilliqa.mintable.app (with extremely cheap and fast transactions).

Or our twitter at https://twitter.com/mintable_app


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