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Zilliqa Mintable opens new horizons for artists

The times where creative art went unnoticed, undervalued, or stolen has happened far too often that it has become normalised. We want to eliminate that.

When creating a piece of art, whether it is a drawing, painting, or otherwise, you want your effort to be recognized. Putting it on the internet often leaves creators with a lot of insecurity regarding the outcome.

What if there was an alternative? Mintable’s platform was created for that very reason.

It is a place where can create, buy, or even trade art.

The Mintable app on the Zilliqa blockchain not only gives power to the content creators to get their creation out into the world, but helps it get sold, and protect it from theft. It provides value for your assets — With physical objects tokenized, unauthorized copying will be eliminated and rarity will be ensured. And it is easy and liquid — The assets can be easily converted to currency.

At Mintable, we recognize the effort in artists’ work. Our app envisions bridging art and creative worlds together with the help of blockchain. With the Mintable app, you now get the chance of converting any creative piece into a blockchain item that can be monetized and sold.

Why Zilliqa Mintable?

Any form of digital art, be it GIFs, JPEG’s, PNG’s or even PDF’s can be tokenized in the Mintable app
  • Cheapest platform to mint tokens
  • 24X7 support on Discord
  • One-click minting
  • One marketplace to sell ANYTHING!

Sounds complicated? With the the Zilliqa Mintable app, do it in just 5 easy steps.

  1. Sign up for the Zilliqa Mintable app
  2. Create a store on the app
  3. Draw up information about your product name, description and your artwork’s price
  4. Upload the digital creation (You can upload any format)
  5. A smart contract is created by Mintable on the blockchain claiming ownership under you

You also get an opportunity to invest in other valuable art and store them in your wallet for re-sale.

‘Picasso’s Bull’ the painting by artist Trevor Daniel became the highest selling NFT fetching $55,555

The value for art and cryptocurrency only continues to grow as the world evolves. Platforms like Mintable are dedicated to bridging the gap between artists and the value they create as we expand as well.


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