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NFT Project Bounty – $100 Reward

When you recommend a project to claim their store, you get to add your favorite creators to the growing ecosystem on the marketplace. Help expand the community and extend the audience reach of your favorite projects, increasing their chances of garnering higher volume in sales. What’s more, it might earn you an extra $100 too, amongst other perks. Here’s why you should refer projects to claim their store: First of all, you’re helping your favorite creators: Claim ownership of their project on...

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Monthly NFT Rundown: November 2021

The Ups and Downs of NFTs 🔼 NFTs hit an all time high on Google search🔽 Daily sales volumes have been decreasing since September🔼 Massive uptick in daily unique buyers- surpassing 60k count A report by Delphi Digital attributes the decline to the cool-off seen across NFT collections on secondary markets, and lower average ticket prices as less crypto-native buyers enter the market.‘NFT’ was also crowned ‘word of the year’ by Collins Dictionary, securing 2021’s place in history as the year...


How to Hype Your NFTs For Potential Buyers

As the NFT market grows, so are the number of creators entering the space. With that, more are vying for the eyes and the attention of collectors as well. One of the ways you can stand out as an NFT creator or an artist is to create fun and engaging NFTs that increase the value of your work. Here are some simple ways you can just do that: 1. Ownership exclusivity The rarity of any item increases demand for it. One...

What does GameFi mean for NFT creators?

GameFi is currently one of the hottest buzzwords in the cryptoverse, and is becoming a trend for investment and innovation all over the world. In the NFT sphere, artists can stand to find a fresh avenue for creativity and for profit. What is GameFi? Originating from the words “Game” and “DeFi”, GameFi defines a new model that gamifies decentralized financial systems to allow people to gain a profit from playing crypto games. Thanks to NFTs, and the nature of them being unique,...


Project Spotlight: Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Twitter Website Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is a collection of 8,888 vampire NFTs which has seen incredible success, reporting over $35 million in sales within their first week alone! In a market flooded with PFP projects, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate stands out for a number of reasons: they have unique artwork by an esteemed NFT artist, an innovative minting process, a devotion to transparency, and a commitment to creating ongoing value for their community.  Having only launched in September of 2021, SVS had successfully...

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Monthly NFT Rundown: November 2021

The Ups and Downs of NFTs 🔼 NFTs hit an all time high on Google search🔽 Daily sales volumes have been decreasing since September🔼 Massive uptick in daily unique buyers- surpassing 60k count A report by Delphi Digital attributes the decline...

#WPU: Weekly Product Updates – 26 Nov 2021

Gm fam!  It’s been a week since we launched - thank you for the support so far. We’ve been listening closely to your feedback and are making improvements along the way.  Here’s some stuff we did this week:  Product Page: Account Login...

The Edge Goes NFT – With Mintable!

NFTs live on The Edge!The Edge Singapore is the only weekly local newspaper that gives readers an in-depth and analytical coverage on business and investments within Singapore and across the region. To commemorate their 1000th Anniversary (1000 weeks in...
the sandbox metaverse, partnership with meta, series B funding, and NFTs

The Sandbox – the Metaverse Platform That’s Taking the NFT World By Storm

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook would rebrand to Meta, the world has turned its attention towards the metaverse. In particular, one metaverse platform has been gaining a lot of traction - The Sandbox. Launched in 2011 by Pixowl Inc,...

NFT News Recap: October

Top Stories In October Ethereum Hits A New All-Time-High Following Altair Update On October 27, Ethereum rolled out their Altair update (EIP-2982), which will enable the upcoming merge of the proof-of-work chain and the Beacon Chain. This update benefits ETH holders...

NFT News Recap: September

Twitter Adds Bitcoin Tipping and NFT Verification Twitter users on Apple’s iOS are now able to link third-party tipping services and accept tips in Bitcoin. Twitter has also announced an NFT verification feature currently in development, which will boost the...
Mintable Challenge

#MintableChallenge – We’re Now On TikTok!

Mintable is now on TikTok!  We’re excited to finally join the platform and engage with our wonderful community of creators who have been making awesome content about NFTs and the Mintable platform. In celebration, we’re hosting a contest from 5...

NFT News Recap: August

August has been full of promising news in the world of NFTs. The month kicked off with Ethereum’s London Hard Fork, and was followed by a cascade of NFT drop announcements by some of the biggest brands in luxury...

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